BioMOO "seminar speakers" wanted

clare sansom (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:10:02 +0000 (GMT)

Dear PPS Consultants,

Happy (rather belated) New Year!

Now PPS97 is into its second term, and most of the students are used to
MOOing, I am hoping to draw up a BioMOO "seminar programme" which will
run between now and the exam. I am consequently looking for volunteers
who would be willing to lead discussions in BioMOO. These could be either
on a general aspect of protein structure, a technique or program (we had
several excellent sessions on RasMol last year) or a specific piece of
research or novel structure (possibly along "journal club" lines, although
some of our students, particularly those in central-eastern Europe, may
not have easy access to many journals).

Please could you let me know by email (by the end of January) whether you
would be willing to lead a session, and if so, what subject/s you would be
prepared to offer. (Feel free to pass on email addresses of any
colleagues you think may be willing to help, as well.)

The seminar programme will start in early Febrary with a session on HTML
authoring, chaired by John Walshaw, coordinator (as you no doubt remember)
of PPS'96.

Thank you very much,

Best wishes,

Dr. Clare Sansom
Coordinating Tutor, PPS '96-'97