The new course, PPS97, has started!

PPS 1996 to 1997 (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 17:32:12 +0100 (BST)

Just to let you know the new PPS course (PPS97) has just been started
today. The first week or two will be spent getting the students up and
running, we are also expecting a number of late registrant's.

The course this year has initially only two email lists :-
pps97-general and pps97-technical

please feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe as you wish.

The course now has it's own dedicated server, the URL for which is :-

We will be contacting you, the consultants, again soon as things get


Dave H.

Dave Houldershaw
PPS'97 Technical Coordinator
Dept. Crystallography, Birkbeck Coll. London
tel:- 0171 631 6853 fax:- 0171 631 6803