Re: Principles of Protein Structure '96-7

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Fri, 27 Sep 1996 03:32:05 -0500

At 06:16 PM 9/26/96 +0100, you wrote:
> Birkbeck College
> Crystallography Department
>We are offering the University of London Advanced Certificate course,
>"Principles of Protein Structure" again starting in October 1996.
>We would like to emphasise how much we appreciated the contributions of the
>consultants last year. Neither the original course nor this Advanced
>Certificate would have been possible without you!
>I am now a part time honorary teaching fellow at Birkbeck, and will be
>coordinating the course with Dave Houldershaw (on the technical side) and
>David Moss. Beatrice Gorinsky, Jim Pitts and Bonnie Wallace will act as
>tutors, and Alan Mills and Peter Murray-Rust will continue to be involved
>as outside consultants.
>The course has even more of an international flavour this year. It is now
>mirrored in Germany and Poland, and we hope that mirrors will shortly be set
>up in Taiwan and Korea. We have also been awarded a grant from the Open
>Society Foundation ( which will provide bursaries for
>about 20 students from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The
>involvement of students from outside the Western world was an important
>feature of the first, free course and we are very pleased to be able to
>continue this.
>We hope very much that you will be interested in contributing to the course
>again from October. If you are not interested and would like to be removed
>from this list (which will be used as the consultants' list for PPS 97), please
>email me.
>If you are interested, the new hypertree for PPS97 will be mounted at:
>I hope very much that you will be interested in continuing your valuable
>support of this course.
>With best wishes,
>Clare Sansom
>Honorary Teaching Fellow, Birkbeck College, London, UK
>Consulting Associate, Venus Internet Ltd., London, UK
>Crystallography Department
>Birkbeck College, London WC1E 7HX. UK.
>Tel. +44 (0)171 631 6800 Fax. +44 (0)171 631 6803
Dear PPS3 (?) organizers

I's like to work as a consultant one more time.
inform me when any development comes out.

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