Principles of Protein Structure '96-7

clare sansom (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 18:12:34 +0100 (BST)

Birkbeck College
Crystallography Department

We are offering the University of London Advanced Certificate course,
"Principles of Protein Structure" again starting in October 1996.

We would like to emphasise how much we appreciated the contributions of the
consultants last year. Neither the original course nor this Advanced
Certificate would have been possible without you!

I am now a part time honorary teaching fellow at Birkbeck, and will be
coordinating the course with Dave Houldershaw (on the technical side) and
David Moss. Beatrice Gorinsky, Jim Pitts and Bonnie Wallace will act as
tutors, and Alan Mills and Peter Murray-Rust will continue to be involved
as outside consultants.

The course has even more of an international flavour this year. It is now
mirrored in Germany and Poland, and we hope that mirrors will shortly be set
up in Taiwan and Korea. We have also been awarded a grant from the Open
Society Foundation ( which will provide bursaries for
about 20 students from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The
involvement of students from outside the Western world was an important
feature of the first, free course and we are very pleased to be able to
continue this.

We hope very much that you will be interested in contributing to the course
again from October. If you are not interested and would like to be removed
from this list (which will be used as the consultants' list for PPS 97), please
email me.

If you are interested, the new hypertree for PPS97 will be mounted at:

I hope very much that you will be interested in continuing your valuable
support of this course.

With best wishes,

Clare Sansom
Honorary Teaching Fellow, Birkbeck College, London, UK
Consulting Associate, Venus Internet Ltd., London, UK


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