Re: PPS student project topics

Ion Baianu (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 17:48:29 -0600

Dear Jacky:
I am the organizer of an NMR of Biopolymers Symposium in Chicago.
This will be held between August 6 and 9 in Chicago, sponsored
by the Fine Particle Society , ACS. Please advise all
PPS consultants and students that they might benefit from
this cutting-edge applications and techniques meeting . RSVP.
Thank you for posting this message to the PPS groups.
Best Regards,
Professor I.C. Baianu
AFC-NMR Facility Coordinator
Sympsium Chairman/Organizer

>Dear Consultants,
>Many thanks to those of you who have agreed to act as informal advisors
>for particular project topics. I have put your names on a list, along
>with other details about the projects, on:
> (also linked from the Assignments index page)
>I have not specified if you want to advise just one student or answer
>any general enquiries on the topic that come your way. Please don't
>hesitate to operate a 'cut-off' on any enquiries if they become too
>time-consuming - we very much appreciate that you are giving input to
>this. Let me know if you get too many enquiries and I will let the
>students know.
>Needless to say, any other offers would also be welcome!
>Best wishes, Jacky