Reminder:Consultants' Meeting 30th May

Jacky Turner (
Wed, 29 May 1996 15:32:18 +0100 (BST)


Thursday 30th May at 14.00 GMT (15.00 BST)


We think it would be useful to discuss the following issues -
however, other suggestions for topics you want
to raise will also be welcome at the meeting.

1. STUDENT PARTICIPATION: In light of feedback form and other
comments, is there enough activity/direction for students? Can we
increase the use of the course email lists e.g. by 'planting'
regular 'questions' on them? Other ideas?

2. BioMOO MEETINGS: thanks to you, we have a good program for the
start of this term. Any suggestions or comments on format or style
of meetings? What are best times for meetings?

3. ASSESSED ASSIGNMENT 1: Update on this from Jacky. The
marks show a reasonable spread, but are mostly good. Was this a
successful format/subject for an assessed assignment? Problems
with particular questions?

4. DISSERTATIONS/PROJECTS: by the end of this term students will have
to choose a topic to be worked on during Term 3 - see list at:

Would consultants like to be involved as informal tutors/advisors
on any of these topics?

5. WRITTEN EXAMINATION: (scheduled for 16th September) Update on
organisation etc. for this.

6. SYLLABUS: Update from John on proposed changes to syllabus this

Best wishes,

Jacky for pps96