RE: Informal tutors for project topics

Jacky Turner (
Tue, 21 May 1996 17:28:47 +0100 (BST)

On Mon, 20 May 1996 wrote:

> Hi Jacky,
> I can be included as an informal tutor for the
> topic: 37. Proteins in viruses. I will also still try
> to put together a chapter or discussion on several
> DNA-protein binding motifs with examples if that is a
> useful effort...just let me know...thanks...
> Gail I. Schuman
> Brookhaven National Lab
> Biology Dept
> PS The use of neutron scattering to determine
> conformational changes in proteins might also be of
> interest. As an example, this is used to look at
> changes in proteins involved in muscle contraction.
Dear Gail, Many thanks for the offer to quasi-supervise someone on Topic
37, Proteins in Viruses.

Later in the term we will ask the students to start thinking seriously
about projects and then we will also tell them who is willing to act as
advisor on which project.

Your suggestion on the use of neutron scattering for protein
conformational changes (of particular interest to me!) would be good in
two contexts - one would be as part of project topic 25 (conformational
changes in proteins - Or it could become project topic 39
by itself). Alternatively, could we add it as course material
to the relevant part of the syllabus. John and David are currently
rejigging the order of part of this term's syllabus - I will discuss with
them and get back to you.

The same applies to the DNA-protein binding motifs: again, this would be
an excellent addition to the course. Would it be a good idea to have
a BioMOO discussion on the subject? Alternatively, as above, an
addition to the relevant part of the course material.

For both of the subjects you've suggested, I'll discuss
with John the approximate dates when the material should go in
(latest, I mean) and let you know.

Many thanks, Jacky