Re: Consultants' Meeting rescheduled to 30th May

Terence Walsh (
Tue, 21 May 1996 09:11:35 +1000 (EST)


>It was supposed to start at 14.00 GMT but by 14.30 only a couple
>of non-house consultants had arrived and we thought it was too late to
>start on the Agenda because we had a following meeting.

Silly me - I read 15.00 BST and converted without thinking (despite a
tortured discussion with David some weeks back about this very topic!)

>So there was some
>discussion until about 14.45 GMT and then we left. I sent out the
>message about rescheduling around that time - not in advance.

That makes more sense - your administration has been superb.

>I think one reason for the thin attendance was that last week
>we have had long delays from listproc so my original reminder of the
>meeting on 17th was late (and I was also rather late sending it out).
>Apologies again - and we will leave a notice in future similar cases. We
>do very much appreciate the fact that you get to BioMOO meetings and hope
>you won't be totally put off doing it again!

No way - I find the content and process of these meetings informative and
enjoyable. My apologies for sounding hard-done-by. I promise to use my
calcultor to convert times in the future!