Consultants' Meeting rescheduled to 30th May

Jacky Turner (
Fri, 17 May 1996 16:00:03 +0100 (BST)

Dear PPS96 Consultants,

I sent out the Agenda for today's meeting (17th May) very late, compounded
by our listproc delays. As a result not many of you were able to get to
the meeting. We've decided to reschedule to Thursday 30th May, as below,
best wishes, Jacky


Thursday 30th May at 14.00 GMT (15.00 BST)


We think it would be useful to discuss the following issues -
however, other suggestions for topics you want
to raise will also be welcome at the meeting.

1. STUDENT PARTICIPATION: In light of feedback form and other
comments, is there enough activity/direction for students? Can we
increase the use of the course email lists e.g. by 'planting'
regular 'questions' on them? Other ideas?

2. BioMOO MEETINGS: thanks to you, we have a good program for the
start of this term. Any suggestions or comments on format or style
of meetings? What are best times for meetings?

3. ASSESSED ASSIGNMENT 1: Update on this from Jacky. The
marks show a reasonable spread, but are mostly good. Was this a
successful format/subject for an assessed assignment? Problems
with particular questions?

4. DISSERTATIONS/PROJECTS: by the end of this term students will have
to choose a topic to be worked on during Term 3 - see list at:

Would consultants like to be involved as informal tutors/advisors
on any of these topics?

5. WRITTEN EXAMINATION: (scheduled for 16th September) Update on
organisation etc. for this.

6. SYLLABUS: Update from John on proposed changes to syllabus this

Best wishes,

Jacky for pps96