'Topic' BioMOO meetings/tutorials

Jacky Turner (j.turner@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk)
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 21:12:04 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Consultants,

In the meeting on Tuesday we decided to set up a series of special topic
BioMOO meetings or tutorials and to ask if any of you would like to volunteer
to lead such a meeting/tutorial or act as the expert guest.

We have 2 meetings set up during the next fortnight (as in my mail to
general list):
Henry Brzeski: Protein Synthesis Thursday 21st March
Sophia Kossida: Molecular phylogenetics tutorial Wednesday 27th March

A number of other suggestions for topics were also made during the meeting
and I am listing them below.

If you would be interested in taking part in any of these topics, either
as the discussion/tutorial leader or as a expert witness, please let us
know. Also let us know any other topics you think we should include in
the program.

1. PDB FILES: detailed discussion of the information to be found in them.

2. SEQUENCE ANALYSIS: We could ask the Biocomputing Course people if they
would be interested in this one.

3. H INFLUENZAE SEQUENCE: Henry B suggested he might be prepared to do this

4. HTML and WEB SERVERS: John Walshaw would like to be involved in this one,
but would appreciate participation from others,
such as Alan Mills, David Moss and anyone else
who is expert and interested.

has expressed interest in this one, given time to

6. MAGE: John Walshaw would be interested in running this one, if there is
sufficient interest.

7. PROTEIN FAMILIES : sounds like a next term topic, but expressions of
interest now would help us plan.

8. NMR STRUCTURE ANALYSIS: Ion Baianu would be an obvious choice to ask
for this one - other offers very welcome too.

Let me know if I have left anything out...

best wishes and thanks, Jacky