Meeting Agenda

Jacky Turner (
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 19:12:29 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Consultants,

Here are some suggestions for topics I think it would be useful for us
to discuss at the BioMOO meeting on Tuesday. Please let me know if you
have further suggestions or comments: -

1. THE PACE OF THE COURSE: in view of the feedback-form results, should
should we reconsider the quantity/depth of the course material and/or
how we present it?

2. BioMOO MEETINGS AND TUTORIALS: what have we learned about their
uses, limitations and how to run them? Should we run more structured
'topic' meetings for the rest of the course?

3. DEADLINES for submitted assignments (currently set for the beginning of
term 2 and beginning of term 3): should these be relaxed?

4. GROUP ACTIVITY: how much interaction is there within the 5 groups
(students, tutors and consultants) and how useful is it? How might we
restructure groups in future (or next academic year)?

5. ROLE OF CONSULTANTS: within their time constraints, do they feel they
are able to contribute to the course/get something out of the course
to the extent they would wish? Any ideas for developments/improvements?

Let us know any further agenda items either before or at the meeting.
Unfortunately, now that we changed the date to catch some people, Peter and
Alan can't come to this one.