Report of 26/1 BioMOO

Jacky Turner (
Fri, 26 Jan 1996 18:52:01 +0000 (GMT)

Gail, Clare, Alan Mills, Alan Wade, Terry, Peter M-R, Iddo and Jacky were
at the meeting. I have Peter's transcript which I can mail to anyone who
requests it - though I understand the tape ran out somewhere along the line?
Peter chaired the meeting -thanks to Peter.

Topics discussed:
1) Emails - are students getting them? Dave H will be asked to look after
mail bounces etc. and give help to students who are having problems.
2) Should we set up email discussion lists for each group? After much
discussion of pros and cons, decided to ask Dave H and Richard Westlake
to do this.
3) Role of BioMOO in the course - Iddo pointed out that it can be slow,
time-consuming and expensive for some students. It was emphasised that
BioMOO is not a compulsory part of the course.
4) Technology - do all the students have the right technology for the course,
and do we know if they have or not? The Technical Registration form
filled in by all applicants was checked by course organisers before
registration, so at least we believed they did.
5) Self Assessment - continuing from (4) Iddo suggested that we devise a
series of 'communication missions' for the students to check on their
technology. These would be similar to the exercises in Week2
Assignments but more specific. Jacky, John and Iddo will do this.
Iddo's self assessment form has generally been a bit hit and we will
continue it subject to conditions that 1) contents written by BBK
2) it is seen as supplementary to course 3) answers not recorded.