Building rooms in BioMOO

Fri, 26 JAN 96 17:38:21 GMT

Hi everyone,

At the last MOO-meeting of the Thymine group we decided that it would be a
good idea for us to have a group room in BioMOO, and (although I've never
built anything in the MOO yet!) I agreed to coordinate a "working party" to
create a room.

Finding out how to build a room is no problem: there are plenty of wizards
(& other experts) around to ask.

The only real problem is: *where to dig*. Last year, there was a "PPS suite"
with rooms for all groups somewhere adjoining the PPS classroom. Should we
build more rooms there, or create a new suite somewhere else? Are any other
groups ready to build rooms yet, anyway?

Any ideas will be very welcome.


Clare Sansom