RE: FAQ List
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 13:27:38 -0500 (EST)

Hi All,

I have just put toether the HTML version of
Sophia's FAQ list for the PPS 96 class. It is available

I can also put this into my anonymous FTP area and you
can just periodically pick it up as it is updated and
serve it from Birkbeck if that is easier or more

I also have a short list of some of the software and
documentation, descriptions and other things in the same
location as above, but called pps2welcome.html. If it
is useful please link to it from the technology area of
the course hypertree...

Hope to see some of you on Friday...Is anyone
coming to the Biophysical Society meeting in Baltimore
(I think that's where it is)...anyone coming to the
Neutron Image Plate Workshop at BNL following the BP
meeting? If you do come to BNL, please give a call, I
can at least recommend some nice restaurants!

Gail (Schuman)
Brookhaven National Lab
Biology Dept