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Sophia Kossida (
Sun, 21 Jan 1996 10:10:18 +0000

Dear Dr. Peter Murray-Rust,

thank you for the message. To avoid plausible
problems that a FAQ page might raise I closely cooperate with Jacky, tutor
of Cytosine group who obviously enough has the last word on whether more
thngs need to be added or things should be left out.
We are still working on that.

Best wishes

>On Sat, 20 Jan 1996, Sophia Kossida wrote:
>> Dear Gail,
>> please, do not take the trouble to do the HTML yet, as Jacky wan=
>> to add few more things.
>It's extremely useful to have an FAQ, and it's great to see volunteers.
>One point that is very important here is that the FAQ must NOT be seen as=
>giving definitive information about formal course matters unless it has=20
>the authority of the organisers. (E.g. 'How much does the course cost?'
>'It costs =A3x if ... and =A3y if...'. This can lead to a great deal of=20
>problems if there are any inconsistencies.
>=09I suggest that such an FAQ make it clear that some issues can only=20
>be decided by referring to offical documents. (e.g. 'How much does the=20
>course cost?' 'See the registration info (and give URL)...') This is=20
>also a very good way of making sure that critifcal information is only=20
>created ONCE and so can be modified without inconsistencies. Other wise=20
>FAQs can easily give incorrect information.
> >=20
>> Thank you
>> Sophia
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