2nd BioMOO meeting report

Jacky Turner (j.turner@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk)
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 20:18:56 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Consultants,

Just to let you know a summary of the events in the BioMOO meeting
today, which was quite well-attended from both sides of the international
date-line and was Chaired by John Walshaw.

We discussed:

1) The issue of students' right to privacy of their email addresses versus
the benefit to students making Home Pages and emailing the public discussion
lists. Agreement that this has to be a personal choice, but Home Pages are
much to be encouraged, as is Gail's People List.

2) The attachment of consultants to specific groups was generally
welcomed. Barring anyone who does not want to be 'attached', we aim to
attach all consultants from now on. Ju-Seog has been attached to
Guanine (USA), Alan Ward to Uracil, Jose Saldanha to Cytosine and
Clare Sansom to Thymine today.

3) The technology and educational value of arranging more formal
lectures with slides using the BioMOO with the Web. There was a lot of
interest in this.

4) The pace of the course and the problem of not discouraging less
experienced students or those with little time to spare on the course
while not boring the more experienced. The attachment of more
consultants to groups should help with managing the various needs of
the different students.

5) The need for and form of self-assessed assigments for students: these
are already foreseen as part of the course, and useful suggestions came
through. Iddo (if my memory serves) has a response form almost ready.

6) The possibility of group rooms in the BioMOO and the value of BioMOO
meeting for students. There was general agreement that BioMOO meetings
should be arranged for students by consultants or energetic students
(such as Jens has done today) ASAP, as they are likely to do a lot to
break ice and build confidence.

I have a transcript (rather long) of the BioMOO meeting and can mail it
to anyone who is interested.

Next meeting next Friday 26th 14.30 GMT unless anyone suggests otherwise.

Best wishes, Jacky