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Frequently Asked Questions About the PPS96 Course

- How is the course assessed for each student?

Requirements of the course: one submitted assignment at end of term one and
another one at end of term two. Carrying out a project (dissertation)
during the third term. Students willing to sit a written exam at a
University of London in September have the possibility of doing so. Extra
local fee are required for the written exam.

- I've got a question. Whom should I ask?

There are four mailing lists (technical, bioinformatics, proteins, and
general) which serve this purpose. Besides, both tutors and consultants are
happy to receive and answer questions.

- What is the MOO, which client should I use to access the MOO, and how
much of the course will be thought within it?

A detailed answer to the first part of the question can be found in the
following URL:
where all the relevant messages have been archived.
NO much, if any at all of the course will be taught within MOO. The main
source for students accessing the material of the course will be the web.

- I don't want other students to reveal my ID.

A list of student's names, affiliations and emails will be available JUST
for students wishing to he included.

- I'm a consultant, what should I do?

Consultants are welcomed to offer anything that they think it might be
useful for the course. Besides, a list of particular jobs will start
operating soon and anyone is welcome to undertake any of the tasks.