BioMOO meeting report

Jacky Turner (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 21:15:49 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Consultants,

Here's a brief report of the useful meeting we had today in the BioMOO.
Peter Murray-Rust chaired the meeting and suggested (with ideas from others)
the following topics for discussion:
1) How is interaction with students and tutors?
2) Should we publish a list of all student names, affiliations and
emails (only those who wish, of course)
3) How is the pace of the course? Should we leave another week for
establishing technology and communications before going on?
4) Do consultants need more suggestions for specific tasks they could
5) Can BioMOO be used for seminars and lectures?

>From the discussion, we decided the following action by course organisers:

1) Spend next week consolidating and checking student progess rather
than move to next block of course work

2) Request any consultants who would like to be specifically attached
to one of the 5 student groups to tell Jacky, who will then
assign them to a group. *** Please regard this as the request
and contact me if you are interested (Kurt has just been allocated
to Thymine and Alan Mills to Adenine) *****

3) Ask all students for their opinion on publishing a list of
student names, affiliations and (?)emails. To preserve
privacy, the default should be no publication. On the other
hand, for useful professional contacts, students should be
encouraged to look at Gail Schuman's People List.

4) Make a list of specific tasks for consultants to choose from - i.e.
more specific than the 'menu' for consultants given on the
'Info for consultants' Web page. One such task allocated at the
meeting: Sophia will produce a FAQ page for the course.

Please send your comments and suggestions,
best wishes,