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John Walshaw (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 16:27:37 +0000 (GMT)

Thanks for the mail, and to Sophia for providing the notes and HTML-izing

Yes, there will be a mirror at Brookhaven PDB- Thanks go to Dave Stampf.
We're sorting out the necessary arrangements at this end, and will keep
you all posted, but the mirror should be operational by Monday. Daresbury
Laboratories will again be providing a mirror as well, courtesy of Alan
Bleasby and Paul Kummer.

So it will make sense if we serve Sophia's notes from Birkbeck, which
will in any case then be included in the mirrors.

On the subject of protein synthesis- have you seen the movie of
translation at the Biology Department of West Georgia College? Its in
QuickTime format. Thanks to Vineet for pointing this one out in this
resource he has recently put together:

I'll try and get permission from the author so that we can turn it into
MPEG format and serve it from here. Naturally, if anyone has any comments
about movie formats- use the technical discussion list.


John Walshaw, Birkbeck

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996 wrote:

> Hi All,
> I now have a copy of the protein synthesis
> material from Sophia which she has HTMLized...would you
> like it served from my system, or would it be preferable
> to have it at Birkbeck for centralization of material?
> It's not a problem to serve it from here, but it may be
> more logical to have class material in as few locations
> as possible...and then Brookhaven PDB
> providing a mirror site for this class? Just let me
> know what you would like...thanks...
> Gail I. Schuman
> Brookhavaen National Lab
> Biology Dept