Xray software (was RE: Disruption over the weekend - apologies)

Terence Walsh (t.walsh@qut.edu.au)
Wed, 06 Dec 1995 08:52:52 -1000

Gail I. Schuman (schuman@bnlstb.bio.bnl.gov) was asking for

>information on software to help teach crystallography,
>e.g., reciprocal lattice or space group symmetry...any
>suggestions would be wonderful...thanks.

In addition to the information John provided, you might look at

>XRayView Version 2.00
> This software is copyrighted and should not be used without
> recognizing the following restrictions. XRayView is free to
> educational institutions. Other users should contact:
> George Phillips
> Rice University
> Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
> Mail Stop 140
> Houston, Texas, 77005-1892

George's email is: George Phillips <georgep@bioc.rice.edu>

The program only runs on Unix at the moment, but it's quite useful for
teaching. There's a paper about it in Biophisical Journal vol69 (Oct 95) 1281.

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