RE: Disruption over the weekend - apologies

son of pps (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 17:28:40 +0000 (GMT)


Sorry, we should have made clear that the 'old' lists are now dead. We
e-mailed the subscribers (who weren't already on the new lists) to let them
know, and to tell them about the new ones. Please note that the hypertext
archives of the old lists are still there, and WON'T be removed.

A couple of the old lists were hardly used, so this time we are starting off
with 4 lists (besides the consultants' list); refer to

- this includes a technical list. If theres a demand for more lists to be
set up now, we can get them up and running.

> I wanted to send a message to the previous pps
> group's technical list, but it appears that it is no
> longer this the case? I am looking for some
> information on software to help teach crystallography,
> e.g., reciprocal lattice or space group symmetry...any
> suggestions would be wonderful...thanks.

Kate Crennell, of the British Crystallographic Association, will be worth
contacting re your enquiry on crystallography -teaching software. She's at
BCA@ISISE.RL.AC.UK , and there are also some pages on the subject at the
BCA's Web site (Kate is in charge of their WWW pages; which just happen to
be on our server!)

Finally, theres the Symmetry Teaching Programme (for PC's), on Symmetry
in Point groups and Lattices, which may be of use:

John Walshaw

Principles of Protein Structure Using the Internet
Crystallography Department, Birkbeck College, University of London
Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX