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Subject: ChemWeb and ECHET96

Free ChemWeb structure drawing software - Now available from Cherwell
Scientific Web Site

ChemWeb, the free structure drawing program for Windows and Macintosh, is
now available from the Web site of Cherwell Scientific at

Following the successful launch of ChemWeb by the developers SoftShell,
(, Cherwell Scientific are pleased to announce the
same service to their customers. Thousands of users have already downloaded
ChemWeb. For anyone planning to use or create Internet resources it is a
valuable tool.

With the forthcoming Electronic Conference on Heterocyclic chemistry, see , ChemWeb is the ideal tool
for presenting your work on the Internet.

ChemWeb is a free structure drawing program that makes it easy to draw
chemical structures on a Windows or Macintosh computer. The program is a
complete structure drawing application, with chemistry-specific drawing
tools, commands to calculate mass, formula, and composition for structures,
and a pen tool for drawing. Designed for electronic publishing, ChemWeb
creates all output in GIF format making it easy to communicate chemical
information via the World Wide Web. The GIF format is completely
independent, and can be used with any Web browser .

ChemWeb can be downloaded free from Cherwell Web Site at
Best wishes


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