Re: ANNOUNCE- New Bioinformatics server in China (fwd)

Dr Alan Mills (
Sat, 11 May 1996 18:26:25 +0100 (BST)

Dear Dawei,

Congratulations!! Well done. You and your colleagues have been working
very hard since we last had contact, when you were a virtual student on
the first run of the PPS course last year.

I have copied this to the people on the second run of the PPS course, as
well as to Peter Murray-Rust.

I remember well your delightful enthusiasm, and also how you suddenly
unsubscribed the PPS lists for a week in the middle of the course to go
away on holiday for the Chinese New Year !-) We were honoured to have you
involved, and now it is very endearing and a great pleasure to be able to
see your picture for the first time, and also those of your wife,
colleagues, your institution and your work.

All strength to you all, and I wish you and your new server/service every
success, and long life. Great achievements!

The power of the 'Net to bring us together is impressive.

I hope one day we will meet IRL

Best Regards,

Alan Mills (.sig below)

On Tue, 7 May 1996, ldw wrote:

> Dear Collages,
> We are pleased to announce that the first bioinformatics server in
> China has been setup. It is now maintained by Molecular Design Lab,
> Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing, China. At
> this infant stage, it has only mirrored protein related databases, other
> databases of molecular biology will soon be mirrored as requested.
> Under the direction of Prof. Luhua Lai, all the mirror work and
> database interconnections are implenmented by Mr. Dawei Lin. The Home
> Pages were designed by Mr. Renxiao Wang and Mr. Dawei Lin. The work is
> supported by the Chinese National Commision of Science and Technology.
> At present, we are one of three official mirror sites of PDB(Protein
> Data Bank) including all the ftp directories and WWW browsing. We are one
> of five official SCOP mirror sites. We also mirrored SWISSPROT, PIR,
> PROSITE, BLOCKS, but only ftp services can be provided at present. The
> PDB and SCOP mirror sites have been crosslinked for the convenient use
> of local people. Also a public molecular graphics software-Rasmol is
> attached to the databases. Users in China and nearby coutries or areas
> may find this server helpful.
> We would like to thank all the people who give us help and valuable
> suggestions and specail thanks to Prof. Joel L. Sussman, Prof. Enrique
> Abola, Prof. Jaime Prilusky, Dr. Dave Stampf, Dr. Nancy O. Manning for
> the help in setting up PDB mirror site, to Dr. Steven Brenner and
> Prof. Tim Hubbard for the help in setting up SCOP mirror site, to Prof.
> Amos Bairoch for the help in setting up SwissProt mirror site.
> The useful URLs related to the bioinformatics server are:
> The first China bioinformatics server home page:
> The home page of Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University:
> The PDB mirror site page:
> The SCOP mirror site page:
> The anonymous ftp server name of IPC is:
> Suggestions and encouragements are welcome at
> ----------< *** Dawei LIN *** >----------------
> Ph.D student of
> Molecular Design Lab
> Institute of Physical chemistry
> Peking University
> Beijing 100871
> Phone: 86-10-2751490 Fax: 86-10-2751725
> Email:
> URL:
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