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> Hello
> Im looking for a program call SETOR.
> Where can I find it ?
> structure with SETOR.


SETOR, as you probably know, is a very good program for
hardware-lighted three-dimensional solid model
representations of macromolecules. This software is developed
by Stephen V. Evans,

I have two postal addresses for him. I believe the second to be
his present address.

Department of Department,
University of British Columia,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, V6T 1W5.

National Research Council of Canada,
Institute for Biological Sciences M54,
Canada K1A 0R6.

Steve Evans' e-mail address is

I have used SETOR several times and whole heartedly recommend
this program for top quality and clear representations of
proteins structures and other molecular structures of biological interest.

SETOR has options to produce very clear representations
emphasizing the relative arrangement of secondary structures in a
protein fold.

For example you can use ribbons of different widths to
highlight various secondary structural elements
such as,
helices can be represented as spiral ribbons
strands can be shown as arrows
rope representations for loop regions
ball and stick representations (to illustrate atoms and bonds respectively)
or sphere representations in cofactors active
site residues and side-chains of interest etc.. etc...

In fact it is a very flexible piece of software with so many options. When
you use it is really up to you to decide the type of features you want to
hightlight and how you wish to do it! SETOR is easy to install on Silicon
Graphic machines and is very user-friendly
The software comes with a detailed and very helpful manual
(That is my experience anyway!)

If you or anyone else is interested the reference for this software is
Evans, S.V. SETOR. J. Mol. Graphics 11 134-138.

Yvonne J. K. Edwards.

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