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3.2 Sheets

3.2.4 Bulges

Another irregularity found in antiparallel beta sheets is the hydrogen-bonding of two residues from one strand with one residue from the other called a beta bulge. Bulges are most often found in antiparallel sheets with ~5% of bulges occurring in parallel strands (Richardson, 1981). Bulges, like "Turns" effect the directionality of the polypeptide chain and classical ones, like the one shown in Figure 13 also accentuate the right-handed twist of the sheet.

Figure 13. A classical beta-bulge in chymotrypsin (1CHG.PDB) involving residues 33 and 41-42. Hydrogen bonds are indicated with dotted lines connecting the donor and acceptor atoms.

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written by Kurt D. Berndt

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