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Earlier we introduced the concept of secondary structure, in the material on protein and peptide geometry. We now examine helices, sheets, turns and other types of secondary structure in more detail, bearing in mind the molecular interactions covered in the previous section (7). We also address the issues of experimental determination of these structures, and secondary structure prediction.

We are indebted to PPS Consultant Doc. Kurt D. Berndt of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute, for providing the following material.

Kinemages relevant to Section 8

The Kinemages accompanying Chapter 2 of the Branden and Tooze book are concerned with secondary structures in actual proteins. The Kinemage for the whole of this chapter has been split up into smaller, more manageable Kinemages by Gail Schuman of Brookhaven Structural Biology.

Kinemage 1 of the first Protein Tourist kinemage file (by Jane Richardson and David Richardson) shows a parallel beta-sheet. This is at Protein Science; click here for a UK copy at Birkbeck.

The 'local features' section of the Protein Science library of Kinemages include some considerations of secondary structure, such as Chan.kin dealing with beta bulges; Karpen.kin dealing with composition and conformation of 310 helices.

More info on Kinemages on the PPS Technology page.

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