The World Wide Web (also known as WWW, W3 and the Web) is the latest method of traversing the Internet, and is based on hypertext, the use of which you have become familiar with by now. The World Wide Web had its beginnings in CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva. It is still evolving and its rapid expansion is more accurately described as an explosion !


The WWW is built on the facility called HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) which allows the linking and relaying of WWW documents (i.e. hypertext documents) through the Internet. The method behind hypertext links is made 'invisible' to the user which is conducive to user friendliness.

Other Facilities

The Web can also access FTP archives and make use of Gopher . Gopher is a way of traversing the Internet using menus but is not as versatile as the Web; for example, it cannot support images, nor is it hypertext capable.

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