More On Navigation

Just to remind you that the History option on Mosaic (found via Navigate on the menu bar) or the Go option on Netscape allows you to view the URLs of what you have accessed during your current WWW session.

URL Direct Access

You do not have to browse or search every single time in order to find the document you want as long as you know its URL.

Try this using the following URL then come back to this document using the History option.

The Hotlist

There is a way to bookmark a URL on your local hard disk. This is done in the following manner:

This will add the URL to your Hotlist/Bookmarks (list of the user's useful URLs) so that you can call a document up without having to write out the whole URL next time - you simply choose the URL from the list.

Retrieving The Stored URLs

If you wish to return to a location you have stored in your history/bookmarks, you can do the following:

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