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The text you are currently reading is contained within a page or document. A document can be in text form only, it may contain images, or it might support an interactive search facility. It is also possible to download sound over the Internet (you'll need speakers of course). However, there is a lot of free software available in relation to the Web.


The software that you are running in order to read this document is defined as a client. It is also termed as a Web browser by the WWW community of users. Various browsers exist for various machines and operating systems. Probably the most common browsers nowadays are NCSA Mosaic, developed by the National Centre for Supercomputing Applications (at the University of Illinois, USA) and Netscape Navigator from Netscape Communications Corporation.
Mosaic was the forerunner of all browsers. Netscape was developed by a group of developers from the original Mosaic team which went off to set up their own company - Netscape Communications. Arguably the most popular browser for personal computers and UNIX platforms, available in a variety of forms and versions, it also supports the most features. Beta versions (pre-release testing versions) of the newest browsers are available directly from Netscape ( and from NCSA and are free for use by educational establishments and persons related to such an establishment.


Web browsers retrieve documents from a source known as a server. Web servers are machines which run the WWW server software that has been implemented onto it. Server software is available for various machines and operating systems. There are many WWW servers set up across the globe, containing information on all kinds of subjects from academia to recreational.

More Information

If you want to, you can seek out more information on Web browsers and servers in a short while via a link to CERN. However, before we let you loose there are still a couple more documents to be read !

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