It's easy to go wandering off through a maze of hypertext links, similar to following branching points of reference in an encyclopaedia. This procedure is called browsing. While browsing, don't get too impatient or trigger-happy, since a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes on. To make life a little easier when browsing, it is possible to navigate your way through documents that you have already viewed in the current session.

Navigating Back and Forth

Most browsers can navigate back and forth through previously viewed documents by clicking on the left- and right- triangular arrows on the horizontal toolbar (below the menu options). Try this by using the back-arrow to go to the previous document, then return again to this one by pressing the forward-arrow.

Using the History List

It is also possible to have a location run-down of hypertext references that you have viewed during the current session. Users of Mosaic may click on Navigate on the menu bar, and then on the History option on the subsequent dropdown menu. Netscape users can click on Go on the menu bar to see the last 20 or so references and they may click on the similar History option to see all their visited references.
To view a document, Netscape users can click on the title while Mosaic users should click on the document reference of their choice and select either the Load button to view it or the Dismiss button to cancel the option.

All this may seem a bit esoteric at first. The best thing to do, is try it out ! Practice looking at documents and flipping through the available links, both via the back and forward arrows as well as the history list. You should only really use the arrows for links which are only a couple of 'clicks' away, for anything else, the history list is probably more accurate and helpful.

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