Starting a Document

Documents are written as ASCII text files. You may choose to use your favorite text editor or you may have an HTML editor (many are available for free). If you use DOS, you can create and edit a file by typing edit filename.htm at the DOS prompt. Note that the suffix is '.htm' since DOS supports a maximum of three letters for the extension (don't worry about this for now). UNIX users may use emacs, vi or pico. Windows users may want to use the Notepad.

The Document Title

Begin your document with a title. Within the browser the title of a document is in the white box labelled 'Document Title' (Mosaic) or at the top of the Netscape screen.. This was done by beginning the document with:
	<TITLE>Hey! Up Here! This Is The Title!</TITLE>

It's just a case of wrapping the appropriate text with <TITLE> and </TITLE>. Yes, it's that simple! All forms of formatted text are made simply by writing these formatting codes in your text ! Let's move on.

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