Graphics Software

Molecular graphics software packages can be used to create images also. One such package that is publicly available is RASMOL. This is free software available by 'Anonymous FTP'. It can read text files in Brookhaven PDB (Protein Data Bank) format and view these files as images. These files have the extension (or suffix) as .PDB

The viewed images can be resize, rotated etc and then saved in GIF format (which is suitable for Mosaic and Netscape).

Try it for yourselves. Here are four images produced using RASMOL. The first two are small molecules whose files were created from scratch. They are displayed in 'sticks' and 'spacefill' modes. The last two are the single default protein displayed in 'wire frame' and 'ball & stick' modes.

Users with machines with low memory may find their browser gives an error message and only displays one image. The only real solution is to add more memory. Check your browsers help file for assistance.

Thats it ! This is the last page in the tutorial. You should now have a rough idea of how to traverse the Web and how to obtain files. We hope this Tutorial has been both instructive and fun ! For comments and suggestions, please email the addresses pointed to on the overview page. Thank you !

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