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Hypertext links can link both to another document and also within the same document.

Links To Another Document

This is achieved by wrapping text with <A HREF="URL"> and </A>. The text that you wrap will become highlighted when the document is viewed, and clicking on this text will direct the browser to the chosen document. You must choose the appropriate URL. For example, typing the following when creating a document will allow the word 'LINK' to link to this document that you are reading now:


If you are writing a document in which you want to link to another document on your own server (or local document) you need only use a partial or relative URL. For example, if in a doument you write the following:

<A HREF="../new_document.html">LINK</A>

then the word 'LINK' will, from the URL of the current document, form a link to the named document which resides in the parent directory.

Links Within A Document

This is useful if your document is relatively long and needs some cross referencing. An internal anchor is called by wrapping the appropriate text with <A HREF="#label"> and </A>. The link is made to the required word or text which is labelled by wrapping it with <A NAME="label"> and </A>.

In this example, the words 'FROM HERE' would link to the words 'TO HERE' which is located elsewhere in the same document:

<A HREF="#one">FROM HERE</A>

links to

<A NAME="one">TO HERE</A>

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