File Reorganization

There are some operations available that allow you to manipulate files aside from actual file transfer. You can reorganize files that you have personal control over. There are many remote machines that are available for public access, and you will obvio usly not be in a position to reorganize the files on those machines, although you can copy files from there into your local system.


You can use the Delete and Rename buttons located in the middle of the FTP window to delete and rename files respectively. With the 'rename' facility you can also specify a path to reposition the file. Highlight the appropriate file first by clicking (once) on it.

NB : The COPY and COPY AS buttons are for file transfer to and from a remote machine only. Mac users of Fetch: these buttons are usually labelled FETCH or GET AS !


PC users: Within the Server option on the menu bar, you can manipulate directories using the Make Directory, Change Directory and Remove Directory options. Each of these options will then ask you to verify the task for the local or remote machine.
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