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Section 4 on Protein Synthesis

The material for this section was released one week ago, but officially commences today. This is a large chapter, covering the various aspects of molecular biology relevant to the synthesis of proteins, starting from the genetic information stored in DNA and proceeding to transcription and translation. Some cell biology background is required, and we include links to relevant resources.

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If you have not already done so, we would appreciate it if you could answer the questions in this (anonymous) form. If you have not received a mail about this form, please mail pps2@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk or j.turner@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk We will be giving the results of this questionnaire within the next couple of days.

'Your' Protein Structure

All students were mailed with details of their assigned PDB file on 13th February. If you have not received this mail, please mail pps2@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk.
  • Further Information and exercises- designed to be carried out in parallel with the course material, during the next few weeks.

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