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Your assignments for this week are:

  1. Install Rasmol if you have not already done so. If not, your first stop is the PPS Rasmol Page, which has lots of useful links which will show you how.
    Even though Rasmol has a good reputation concerning ease of intallation, it is inevitable that some of you will experience difficulties; DO NOT WORRY IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE INITIALLY. Remember to mail any queries to the pps96-technical discussion list. Before you do, have a look at the archive of this list, as there has been some recent traffic on the subject of Rasmol, which may answer your queries.

  2. Configure your WWW browser so that Rasmol is automatically invoked by it when you click on an appropriate link to a molecular structure file. Refer to the Technology Page for assistance.

  3. Become familiar with the most basic Rasmol operations: those which can be called directly from the menu bar, such as displaying different styles of molecular models, exporting the view to an image file, etc.

  4. For a more detailed Rasmol tutorial, try the exercises in the Rasmol page by PPS Consultant Alan Ward (Newcastle University Microbiology Dept.). This resource also includes help on getting and installing Rasmol.
    In addition, Consultant Henry Brzeski (Strathclyde University, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology) demonstrates the use of RasMol to view DNA structure and base-pairing

Note that much of the Course Material for this week (see below) involves interactive molecules, for use with Rasmol.

If you are already familiar with Rasmol but not with Mage, then try to install this package. Refer to the PPS Kinemage Page. This kinemage corresponds to the first chapter of Branden and Tooze.

Course Material

This week, we turn to Section 2 of the course, which deals with Primary Structure and the amino acids. Click here for the Section 2 index.

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