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Its the final week of Term 2...

The course continues this week with "Quaternary Structure" (Section 11).

However, the next and final chapter of material, Section 12 "Protein Interactions" will be released at the end of this week, so that you can access it during the break.

Assessed assignment 2

Please note, details of this assignment will be released before the end of this week (12th July). The deadline for return of the completed assignment to us will be 12th August.

If submitting the answers by 12th August will be a problem for anyone, because of vacations or conferences for example, please let us know.

Choice of project topic for Term 3

Please tell your supervisor your project title by the end of this week (12th July), or AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after that date.

If you have not already done so, please look at the page on choice of project topic which gives details about the projects and project advisors for Term 3.

PPS Discussion Meetings in BioMOO this week

See you next term

Naturally the PPS Web pages (and mirrors) will still be accessible during the break. Next term starts on 12th August. Until then, best wishes and if anyone is going on holiday, have a good one!

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