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Course Material - Section 8

The course now moves on to the next section of course material, dealing with secondary structure, its determination and prediction. We would like to thank PPS Consultant Kurt Berndt of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute for writing this material.

Formal Assignment 1

Today is the final day for submitting the first formal assignment. We are aware that some of you do not intend to undertake the formal assignments. Of the rest of you, if for any reason you will be unable to complete the assignment by today, please contact your group Tutor and/or Jacky Turner immediately. We will not be able to consider any submissions after today unless we have heard from you. Jacky will be in touch with those whose submissions are outstanding tomorrow (Tuesday 14th May).

BioMOO discussion meeting for Assignment 1

Here is a reminder that tomorrow (Tue 14th May) at 15:00 GMT, there will be a meeting in BioMOO, The PPS Base, regarding the Discussion Questions of Assignment 1 (NOT the answers to the formal questions!).

Registration for written examination

A reminder to return your registration form to Jody by 17th May, if you wish to sit the written final examination for the Advanced Certificate.

Dissertation Titles- later this term

About halfway through this term, it will be a good idea to start thinking about the dissertation that you will be undertaking in Term 3. You will be asked to decide on your dissertation subject by the end of the current term.

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