Principles of Protein Structure '96

Using the Internet


Congratulations to all those who completed the PPS'96 course. Below is a list of those who the examiners have recommended for the award of Advanced Certificate and Certificate of Completion. Advanced Certificates are awarded to students who passed the exam and submitted a project. Certificates of Completion are awarded to those who completed the course (this includes those who sat but did not pass the exam).

Advanced Certificate:

  • Salvador Sala Pla
  • Horst Joachim Schirra
  • Steve Tate
  • Karl Schmid
  • John Swann
  • Kingman Ng
  • Chee Ming Vun
  • Gayle Schulte
  • Tom Pauly
  • Tony Day
  • Marcus Hastie
  • Andy Jennings
  • Jens Loesel
  • Luis Candeis
  • Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt

Certificate of Completion:
  • Peter Slickers
  • Montse Soler
  • Franco Zanini
  • Peter Hjelmstrom
  • Luca Olivi
  • Kate Denton
  • Lilian Soon
  • Andrew Robertson
  • Qian Xiao
  • Giovanni Capranico
  • Cristina Cantale
  • Silka Jonda
  • Robert Kehoe
  • Jostein Aaserud
  • Vanessa Siew Kuan Wee
  • Ekard Burger

If you are not on the above list and you completed the course please let me know and I will add your name. We will need to send the Certificates via snailmail so if you have changed address please let us know as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoyed this course and would welcome any feedback which you can give us which may improve the course for future students or encourage us to continue with more courses over the Internet.

With best wishes
The Course Organisers