Consumables - Tapes, Disks, and Printer supplies

Disks, Tapes and other storage media

The Department is unable to fund the supply of  tapes, Writable CDs and other storage media. All requests for storage media must include an account code to which the cost can be charged.

Floppy disks can also be purchased from

  • ITS helpdesk
  • The Student Union shop

See Requesting Supplies


The laser printers use the same paper as the photocopier in B57. The paper is stored in B57.

Please tell the secretaries in G54 (Phone 6800) if the paper supplies are running low.

Toner and Ink

The Department only funds the supply of toner and Ink for use in its public accessible printers .

Requests for supplies for private or group printers must include an account code to which the cost can be charged.

See Requesting Supplies

For supplies of toner and ink for the public shared printers email or contact a member of CCSG.

Please don't change the toner in the public laser printers .

Even with the simple system HP use, people still manage to pour toner all over the inside of the printer. This is a messy and time consuming job to clean up.

For the above reason we don't leave spare toner cartridges by the printers.

Requesting supplies

To request Storage media (e.g.disks and tapes) or supplies for private / group printers send email to or if it is urgent contact David Houldershaw in CCSG directly.


  • Please include the following with all requests
    • Your name
    • Your Email address
    • Your phone number and room number
    • Research group /course
  • All request for supplies must include an account code to which the cost can be charged.
  • No account code no supplies.
  • Please avoid leaving it till the last minute before requesting supplies.
  • Remember we may not always have stocks of everything and some items may have to be ordered.

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