Laptop Network Access

Staff and students of the Department of Biological Sciences may be entitled to have their personal laptops connected to the network. In order to request permission you need to download, print out and complete a Request Form. (This file is in PDF format. To download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.) You will need to provide your laptop's MAC Address. Instructions for determining your mac address can be found here.

Click here to download a Request Form (PDF)

It must be stressed that networking your laptop is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these may result in the revocation of access.

  • You are expected to keep your laptop's Operating System fully up-to-date with the latest Service Packs and patches. Instructions on how to do this for Microsoft Windows systems can be found here. Please be aware that whilst CCSG are responsible for maintenance of the Department's computers, we are not responsible for personal laptops or home PCs.

  • You are expected to have a current Anti-Virus product installed, and to keep it up-to-date with the latest virus definitions.

  • Under no circumstances may you disconnect any of the Department's computers from the network. Laptop access points are marked with blue cables. A list detailing rooms and access points can be found here. To request a new laptop access point, please contact CCSG.

  • Laptop network access is provided to assist you in your studies, college work or research. We cannot guarantee that activities outside of this scope will work from within the network. As with use of all the Department's computing facilities, you are expected to comply with the Department's and College's Computer Regulations.

  • Users should note that any system connected to the Department's network including personal systems may be scanned by Department and CCS computer staff as part routine network monitoring or a security checks. Connection to the Departments network implies agreement to this scanning.

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