brief description
naomi is a sophisticated computer program system for studying the three-dimensional structure of proteins at the atomic level.
  • general structural analysis
  • dealing with problematic pdb files
  • simulating dynamic properties of proteins
  • prediction of protein function from 3-d structure
  • protein engineering and design
  • nmr structure refinement
  • tertiary structure prediction
  • prediction of protein folding pathways

  • silicon graphics :- (muck, eigg, rhum, jura only)

  • academic version only
  • setenv naomi_lm /local/irix52/lib/naomi/
  • the line @/local/irix52/lib/naomi/alloc_memeory.inp (or equivalent) must appear in any naomi scripts
command line
  • prompt-> naomi < file1 > file2 {rtn}


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