Computer Induction course
Email Basics

Configuring Email Clients

The two email clients officially supported in the School of Crystallography are Pine and Thunderbird.


Pine is a text-based email client available on all Windows, Unix and Linux machines within the School. It requires no configuration by users and can be used immediately.

New Pine users should start with our copy of the University of Washington tutorial "Getting Started with Using Pine 4" and then follow the other links under Getting Started on our local Pine information page.


Thunderbird is an intuitive point-and-click style email client. It needs to be configured before use. Instructions for configuring Thunderbird can be found here.

New Thunderbird users can learn about using the software here.

Other Email Clients

No other email clients are officially supported within the School. However, configuration guides are available for the following (click on the name of the client to view the appropriate configuration guide) should you choose to use them:


You can also access your email from any web browser using the School's webmail system which is available here.

Webmail doesn't need to be configured before use. However, you may want to set it up to delete any mail that is marked as spam. Instructions for doing this can be found here.

General Email Information

The School does not provide a POP service.

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