School of Crystallography - Email addresses

Format of email addresses

Members of the School of Crystallography should all have email aliases in the following forms.

This list is in order of preference.


All the above addresses are equivalent with the possible exception of the form which is STRONGLY discouraged.

Some people have an mail alias of the form however the use of these addresses is not recommended.

Reasons not to use the addresses

The mail aliases of the form were created to make it easer for the administrative sections to contact staff and to support college wide staff mailing lists. Mail sent to an address is delivered to the college mail hub where it is either stored for collection or forward to those schools which run their own mail servers.

Drawbacks of the include

  • Only people who appear in the staff database will have an address. It could be confusing for external correspondents if only some members of a research group can be contacted at
  • Once an email address has published (for example in a journal) it can not be easily changed and may need to remain valid for a considerable time. It is not uncommon for people to continue to receive email at the department long after they have left. This may cause problems after a member of staff has left and the address deleted.
  • All mail is delivered to the college mail server and then forward to the crystallography mail server. Any problems on the college mail server will cause extra delays.
  • With the large number of staff in the college there is more chance that two or more people have or had the same Initial and Name.
  • In a small number of cases the I.Name part of the address may not agree with that used in the addresses. This can cause the first few messages send to to bounce.

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