Password problems


  • If your password stops working or works on some terminals but not others, then check the keyboard Caps Lock.
  • Remember some systems are case sensitive.

Systems covered by these notes

These notes only cover systems directly managed by CCSG. A small number of the Schools systems are managed by individuals and not by CCSG.

What to do if you forget your password

If you need your password reset you will have to contact a member of CCSG in person. You must be prepared to produce proof of identity (e.g. College card).

Except for very special circumstances we will not change passwords as a result of email or phone calls or send passwords by email.

Passwords for Web courses

If you have problems with the passwords required to access the web based courses please contact the course organiser rather than CCSG.

Passwords for College systems

The College systems are maintained by Central Computer Services (CCS). For any problems with these systems contact the CCS help desk in 151.

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